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Internet Connectivity Specialists

-Frequently Asked Questions-

  • Is the data really unlimited? - Absolutely! Use as much as you'd like.

  • How does the process work? - Contact us, let us know your interested. We will schedule a site visit. After site visit we can discuss if this service is right for you. No charges until all work is complete.

  • If this service isn't satellite, how can you get high speed in rural areas? - We use special equipment and individually design a specific installation for every customer. We utilize existing LTE infrastructure.

  • What about hidden fees and taxes? - There are no hidden fees. No equipment leasing fees, overage fees, etc.. We are however required to collect taxes.

  • Do you accept payment by debit/credit card? - Yes, monthly statements are sent out to each customer. Pay how you'd like.

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Phone: 304-873-6446